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Based now at Mudgee and Gulgong in the NSW Central West.

Our experience in the commercial cattle industry has proven invaluable. Producing our own bulls has given us invaluable knowledge of the type of animal we need to breed. We know the importance of balancing traits to produce both marketable male progeny and an efficient cow herd.

We strive to balance the genetic information available via Breedplan and genomics to make sure our animals produce to their utmost in your cow herds.

We have been producing Poll Herefords since 1954

We have a strong understanding where these cattle need to be placed in the current market place. Sam is currently a Director of Herefords Australia Limited.

Our Angus venture started in 2017 with the purchase of young foundation females from the Millah Murrah cow herd. We like the approach of the Thompson Family on breeding strong female lines to produce the best quality bulls. Their cow herd is the most impressive Angus herd we have seen.

Progressive balance through thoughtful and experienced breeding objectives.

Our programme strives to give the correct balance to our cattle. For us it all starts with the two most important traits, fertility and calving ease. People often first look at growth or carcass, but live calves are the leading objective for us and for our cattle in your herd. Live calves on the ground!

About Us
About Us

Fertility can only be achieved by getting heifers to weight early for joining at 12 to 14 months of age, coupled with maturity so growth and structure are important here too. Heifers must have calving ease characteristics to be able to calve easy and recover to rebreed. All this has to be balanced with muscle, fat and IMF to allow for saleable progeny.

Breedplan has been an inviable tool but does not replace real world cattle know how. Bulls and female must to be structurally correct, have the correct skin and hair and be of a type that we want to breed.

We believe that by concentrating on our cow herd that the bull progeny will reap all the rewards of giving predictable and trouble free performance.